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Visual Identity

Your visual identity showcases all that you are, serving as your introduction to the world. We believe in designing a visual identity for your brand that is classic yet forward thinking. We strive to create a representation that embodies the message that lies at the heart of your brand, injected with a timeless appeal that has the ability to grow with you long into the future.  

Establishing Guidelines

Consistency is the key when it comes to creating brand impact. Not only do we strive to create a visual identity that embodies the essence of your company, we also protect it. Every project is delivered with strict recommendations on how to best utilise your new assets, including logo specifications and guidelines for typography, image style, colour, iconography, and usage, and more. This establishes a growth foundation and provides clarity on how to leverage your assets appropriately across branded materials.

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Logo & Identity

We work closely with you to craft a brand image that supports the work you do and truly represents your core values. We are passionate about exploring multiple creative concepts before deciding on the final identity system that is fresh in approach but timeless in its feel. Our team of creatives won't stop until your brand story is expressed.

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