Get To Know Our Team

Hannah Kathleen Hawkshaw

Founder & CEO

Hannah Kathleen scales brands globally. She creates brand equity to drive growth within your organisation and has worked with companies across sectors, including the financial, medical and fashion industries.

Domingo Silvas III


Domingo is a serial entrepreneur and the Chief Marketing Officer at iGen Creative. He builds businesses and has a proven track record, having scaled multiple companies to 7 and 8 figures.

Devansh Suri

Digital Marketing Strategist

Devansh specialises in technical methodologies and is passionate about executing marketing strategies that drive results. He is always the first to know the latest trends, applications, demographics, and events that we harness to boost our clients' brand awareness on an international scale. He has experience across industries and his analytical mind is an asset to our team at iGen Creative.

Sharon Hawkshaw

Client Relations

Sharon is the client relationship manager at iGen Creative and has an extensive background in communications, administration and technical development. She's the first person you get to know when you partner with us as a client!