Your Language Matters: How To Craft A Message That Converts




July 17, 2020


Hannah Kathleen

In today's post, I'm going to share a quick insight into how important the language you use on a daily basis, from your social media to your public engagements, is in building your brand - or tearing it down!

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For a brand to become wildly successful, it needs to be carefully curated, with a message that can grow with the company, as well as you as an individual.

Identifying your vision for the company and key values are all incredibly important components in this process, and we must align the two to refine the brand message.

What do you want your company to represent? What do you stand for? Where are you going? What are your core values?

Answering these questions in a deep dive brand development process, enables us to not only lay the foundations for a brand message that sells with ease, we also identify the core language to be used in all content associated with the business. From your website to social media, to speaking engagements and so on, your core marketing language represents who you are and what you do. Gradually, it becomes so impactful and powerful that people associate certain words with your brand, which really lets you know that the branding is doing its job effectively. I’ve been through this process with many of our clients, and I’ve found it to be a hugely beneficial exercise for them all, from individuals to companies.

What language is presently associated with your brand? What words and phrases are most present in your culture?

Changing your perspective and actively taking the time to develop the language that represents your brand and business, not only makes it easier for your potential clients to become fans, but it also ensures your entire organisation knows exactly how to present your message — and presentation is everything because perception is everything. You have the power to create the perception someone has of your brand, so take control of it and maximise your message.

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To your success,

Hannah Kathleen

Founder of iGen Creative

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