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March 16, 2021


Sarah Hawkshaw

Now more than ever, we need to think differently. We must consistently innovate and utilise new approaches to successfully navigate this changing world. However, doing this alone can be scary and down-right challenging. Between the need to start NOW and the sheer volume of communication channels and noise online, it's easy to get overwhelmed. From friends and clients alike, we've heard questions including:

Where should I start?

What actions are most important?

How can I be sure that what I'm doing is the most relevant for my business model?

We hear you. This year, iGen Creative has set an intention to share as much value-packed content as possible. We love our clients, past and present, and recent events made it even more important to us to find a way to regularly offer resources and support. That's exactly why we launched our iGen Creative 12-month webinar series!

Our goal is simple: to create a safe, valuable space to unite entrepreneurs, create community and share real strategies that will enable business owners and executives globally to navigate this new economy effectively!

We feel these webinars bring something different to the table. We've curated the series to provide real, actionable steps and insights that have the power to shift your business' digital presence. The content is designed and presented in an enjoyable, impactful manner by the iGen Creative team, as well as some special guests.

In the series, we are exploring every avenue of brand from conception to visual identity and personal branding to active marketing techniques that are relevant today.

We began this series in January, meaning 2 webinars have already aired, and although webinar recordings are not available, we have decided to make an exception when it comes to our most recent one. This is for those of you who may not have been aware of the series!

Grab a coffee (or a glass of wine!), a notebook, and show up presently. You'll find insights and actions you can implement today that have the potential to generate new business for you in a matter of minutes.

We have developed a full syllabus for this series and really believe in the power of the upcoming content. If you want to improve your brand, but don't know where to start, CONGRATULATIONS because you are in exactly the right place! We're here to support you and grateful to play any part we can in unleashing your brand's potential.

You can register for the rest of the webinars for free by clicking here.

See you at the next webinar!


Content Manager

iGen Creative

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