Modern Mindset Interview with Hannah Kathleen: How To Leverage Social Media To Build Your Brand




July 17, 2020


Sarah Hawkshaw

Modern Mindset is a trending podcast hosted by serial entrepreneur, radio host and hypnotist to celebrities & royals, Adam Cox. Recently, the founder of iGen Creative, Hannah Kathleen, was interviewed on his show to discuss how entrepreneurs and organisations can tap into social media to create a bigger impact and grow their business.

In this episode, you'll get a deeper understanding of the power social media holds in building your brand awareness and what it takes to utilise it effectively, along with an insight into Hannah Kathleen's modern mindset entrepreneurial journey: how she started aged 13 with a blog in her bedroom and built a successful business off the back of it, becoming an international speaker, consultant and Best Fashion Blog winner in the process.

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The episode was recorded when iGen Creative known as Branding Marketing Results. We have since rebranded and adopted iGen Creative as our name, but 'Branding, marketing, results', remains a message - and ethos - we believe in.

We hope you enjoy the episode! Be sure to share some love with Adam if you enjoy the content. We have been enjoying his recent episodes and recommend them wholeheartedly for more insights on other topics.

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