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April 28, 2021


Sarah Hawkshaw

Welcome back to the blog!

What got you out of bed this morning? Was it work? The idea of your morning coffee? We all have a why in the morning. Have you ever stopped to think about your why in business?

Today, I want to share with you a few simple tricks to rediscover your purpose in business. Before doing that, I'd like to share an insightful video with you from Simon Sinek. This is hands down one of the best videos about the importance of knowing your why, and how doing so can completely transform your business. Now we will take you through this exciting discovery process the iGen Creative way!

Everyone knows what they do. Some know how they do it. Very few know why they do it.

Inspired organisations, which is what we hope you are, work with passion, drive, belief, and most importantly, purpose. It's not solely about profit. It is also about driving what you believe in and making an impact on the world. If you can do that, you will be successful. However, if you can recognise, define and share it with others, then you will create brand advocates and become unstoppabl.

"People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it."

iGen Creative is determined to work with passionate business owners and entrepreneurs who have a clear vision for what difference they want their business to make in the world. We are extremely grateful to have found our way, and now want to encourage you to define yours.

Unfortunately, not everyone has clarity on this but it shouldn't take too long to get a basic blueprint together. Defining your why can highly benefit your business and the sales that you make. This isn't a 'fluffy' journey - It's science! So let's put our lab coats on and figure out your 'why' ;-)


Are you an inventor? Your business was born out of a new, creative idea that had the ability to transform people's lives and the world we live in. You are a disruptor and your product breaks boundaries leading to a new revolution. We're talking about the Steve Jobs' of this world.


Perhaps you are someone who encountered a problem and developed a system to solve it? Maybe you had a 'Eureka!' moment one day that gave you the solution to a pain in your life! Now, it is time for you to share that with the world so you can help others to overcome this 'problem' and simplify their life a little bit.

Either way, let's get to your core, the beginning of your journey. Revisit the feeling you felt when you first decided to go down the path you are now on today. Why did you start? Did you have a lightbulb moment? Was it a gradual process over time where you realised you had a solution to someone's problem?

Go back to the passion you felt, maybe you shared your idea with a friend or loved one. How excited were you? Did you get an email from a contact validating your idea? Any key moment you remember you should take either physical or mental note of.

These are the kind of moments you should carry with you throughout your business journey. These are the memories that will get you through the toughest days you encounter and drive you to continue building your vision. More importantly, it will engage your audience and create loyal clients of your brand.

Jump in a time machine and take a trip back to revisit the feelings provoked within you when you originally began. This is key for finding your why. Write down the 3 biggest thoughts and emotions that went through your mind.

Now that we have pondered introspectively, let's think of all the people you help through your business.  

Who are the key people you are helping? What are you doing to help them?

When you close a sale, what does that mean? Who is it that has bought from you? What do they feel they have been promised? Do you realise how much you may be helping this person?

  1. Write down all the functions of your product/service.
  3. Write down who these functions help.
  5. Summarise it into 3 sentences that combine the two.

Now that we have looked within and around you, we can combine the two to create a simple, clear definition of your 'why'.

Remember your recent trip in the time machine? Did you write down the feelings evoked within you? These feelings are part of the spark that got your fire burning in the first place. This fire is an essential part of your why. You need to be certain about this. Take your time, brainstorm, figure out exactly what ignited it and how great you felt.

Combining this feeling with the thought of your customers (who you are helping), you should have a good vision as to what your true passion is. Where your emotions lie... Your WHY.

From here, you can dive deeper into formulating your why. We plan to cover that in more detail in another blog post.

Now that you have this important outline, you can use it to benefit you and your business every single day.

The purpose of discovering your why in business is for three primary reasons:

  1. To help with your brand focus, ensuring everything is aligned with your core values.
  3. Your secret weapon to keep you going on the tough days.
  5. Most importantly, in attracting and building a base of loyal, returning clients.

The factors you discover when revisiting your why are all extremely useful when working to develop your brand and marketing. We like to always define a client's why early in the process as it guides us in creating a brand-lead plan of action.

Not only that, your why will help you personally. Keeping it in your back pocket to whip out when stressed, overworked, or just simply close to quitting is the best thing you can do for your longevity in business. We all have bad days but you know what they say; "when the going gets tough, the tough get going". You can use this clear definition to give you that much-needed motivation when you are in more difficult times. Your why can be like a shot of caffeine!

Creating one statement that covers all the elements of your why is probably one of the best things you can do today, for your business health and mentality. Put that sentence on a sticky note on your laptop, somewhere you will see it. I guarantee the next time you get off a not-so-great Zoom call and look at that sticky note, you will snap out of it and think clearly.

Along with both of these, defining your why has huge, positive repercussions on the success of your business. Being driven is one thing, but being driven by a cause is when you will reach your potential. Working inside out, from the core to the surface, from the soul to the sale. This definition will attract your ideal clientele. Clients that will come back for more every single time. When someone understands why you do what you do, they will form a connection with you. They won't buy once off, they will come back for more, even if the product changes. They will want to become a part of what you do, a part of the journey. That is the power of knowing your cause. That is the opportunity to increase your sales exponentially.

This may have been a lot to digest, but ponder on it, because it will be worth it! Don't forget to write your notes and brainstorm. This blog is here to help you become a better brand. Use this post to benefit you and share it with colleagues and associates. We know why we do what we do and now you will too!

I am so excited to see you figure out your why outline, and if you want to DM us on Instagram @igencreative, so I can discover yours!

In the meantime, have an amazing week.


Content Manager

iGen Creative

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