Defining Your Ideal Client: A Quick And Easy Checklist




December 16, 2020


Hannah Kathleen

Welcome back! In today's post, we're sharing some insights on how you can quickly enhance your brand and marketing strategy by clearly defining and understanding your ideal client.

It's a step that is often overlooked or under prioritised, but by taking some time to reflect and pinpoint the customers you ideally want to attract, you can drastically improve your brand's impact.

Do you know who your ideal clients are? Have you clearly defined your customer profiles?

It is an action that can elevate the results you get from your brand. In order to emit the right content, you must have a strong view on who exactly it is for.

Essentially, you need to work backwards. Think about the person on the receiving end of your marketing and how they may perceive it. Ideally, you should be thinking, not about what you have to sell them, but what solutions you offer to solve their problems. That is the key. Once you think in this way, you will be unstoppable!

We have compiled a short and easy checklist to start the process. Dedicate some time to this exercise, because it will be invaluable to you once completed.

Creating Your Ideal Customer Profile:






What problems do they have?

What solutions are they seeking?

I encourage you to do this as soon as possible! Taking this step is so simple, yet so powerful!

Remember, contact us here to get more guidance and help from the team! We have some 1-1 coaching spots available to make 2021 your brand's best year yet.

Have an amazing week!

To your success,

Hannah Kathleen

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