Bank on BANC: Our Signature Formula That Will Transform Your Brand Strategy




March 3, 2021


Sarah Hawkshaw

At iGen Creative we have our own diverse processes. We believe in the birth and implementation of new methods when approaching a brand.

One of our unique techniques involves the introduction of the iGen Creative signature growth strategy formula: The BANC Method!

Brand Awareness + Nurturing = Conversion (BA + N = C)

Building a strong brand is imperative, but what’s more, is the maintenance of said brand. There is no point in investing time and money in your brand only to let it get forgotten about.

How can you create brand longevity? By using this exact formula. Let's take a closer look.

BA = Brand Awareness.

Your brand not only needs to create interest and appeal, but it is also vital that you actually draw attention to your brand.

What good is an exceptional company that regularly achieves great results if no one has heard of it?

Increasing brand awareness will allow new clients to find you. Not only that, but it will also support you on your journey to becoming the go-to brand in your niche.

How do you build brand awareness?

Start with the foundational message your brand conveys. Are you presenting your brand authentically, in a way that aligns with your core values?

Next, what active steps do you take to expand your audience? Are you displaying a compelling brand and reaching the maximum number of potential customers as possible?


  • Create an authentic and compelling brand message
  • Share it with the largest audience possible

N = Nurturing

It is crucial to nurture your viewers to continuously boost the relationship between your brand and potential clients.

A key place to start is to construct “touch points” which will allow you to consistently & almost effortlessly communicate with your potential customers.

Focus on answering the questions your clients have in your content to provide value and engage listeners.

By effectively using different digital platforms, including email marketing, you can engage them with your message and preserve their association.

Social media can and should be your best friend. Strengthen your relationships with followers by having a consistent social media presence. Become the brand they can rely on for helpful content that provides the answers to their questions.

The most effective way to nurture your community is to always supply value. Don’t take shortcuts. Prioritise applying your product or service in such a manner that will improve your customer’s life.


  • Set-up client touchpoints
  • Provide consistent value with the consumer in mind

C = Conversion

Converting sales is not an isolated situation. It requires time and energy to create a successful brand that sells.

Unfortunately, there are no basic blueprints to conversion, however, there are key steps that, when combined, result in a springboard to potential success.

You have your solid brand, you have increased your brand awareness, you have your client touch-points and you are providing every ounce of free value you possibly can.

Now what?

This is the time to reverse the roles. Put yourself in your ‘lead's shoes.

To transition a lead to a client, you have to consider the customer journey. The action(s) you want your potential clients to take upon interacting with your brand.

Make the transition as simple as possible. A lead doesn’t want to be ‘mislead’.

What steps do you want your lead to take?

What product/service are you offering them that is tailored to their problems?

In order to develop consistent conversion, you need to be a consistent solution to consumer’s problems.

Take a look at what they NEED. Provide it. And, along the way give them the best consumer experience they have ever had.

That is brand made easy, thanks to our signature growth formula. If you want even more detailed help with your brand, you know where to find us.

Good luck!


Content Manager

iGen Creative

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