3 Design Fundamentals: Insights From A Professional Graphic Designer




June 2, 2021


Sarah Hawkshaw

Welcome back to the iGen Creative blog!

This week I would like to formally introduce you to our newest team member, Dylan Bridges, an experienced Graphic Designer who will be sharing 3 design fundamentals from a creator's perspective to support you in enhancing your brand's visual identity!

At iGen Creative, we are dedicated to leading you to top-quality brand systems, which is why we're excited to elevate our work further with Dylan's graphic design talent.

Dylan is an Australian-born digital nomad who is now residing in Dublin, Ireland (fun fact, it also happens to be where iGen Creative was born). Having immersed himself in multiple cultures whilst traveling and working worldwide, he now re-directs his global influences into his work. Dylan's unique perspective is something we are excited to be offering to you in order to elevate your brand.

Now that you know a little bit more about Dylan, read on to hear first-hand the top 3 key elements to consider when embarking on your design journey.

Top 3 Design Fundamentals to Consider When Embarking on Your Design Journey From A Professional's Perspective

1. The best designs come from authenticity

Aside from the technical skill involved in crafting an outstanding design, maintaining your originality is what will make it stand out over your competitors. This is what makes the 'Discovery' phase of what we do such an important part of the design process. Creating a clear vision of what will be most authentic to you is the best place to start.

At iGen Creative, we believe there is a huge advantage in what we do when we can fully step into our client's shoes and work with their perspective in mind. Getting to the roots of the brand story, background, product/service unique selling points, and business goals is helpful in understanding the brand so we can create a compelling visual identity that's authentic. From here, we work to convey the message with clarity, which at the end of the day, is our main priority.

2. Don't get lost in the 'trends'

When looking to level up your designs, popular trends can sometimes be a great way to find a new angle, but at the end of the day, mirroring everyday trends alone won't grow your brand. For example, have you ever noticed when fashion is trending, everyone jumps on it? At first, it's amazing, fresh, and potentially exactly what you want. Fast forward 2 months, however, and that trend has been overdone and diluted. Everyone else jumped on the same train with no specific brand destination. We want to identify and emphasise what makes your brand so special, not mix it into something everyone else is doing. This is why every design I make is completely customised to each client's message because every one of those messages has raw and unique potential.

3. Unleash your inner dreams

This ties together the first 2 points. I am a bit of a dreamer and I think everyone has that inside of them too. All it takes to showcase that is the right perspective! During the discovery stage with a client, not only do I put myself in your shoes, but I invite you to step into mine. Transparency within each stage of the design process educates both the client and me, increases our trust in one another, and helps to break down any walls to get to the core of what you need the design to display. I believe in trust to avoid any misinterpretation and to make sure you have full confidence in where your design is going. It also enables us to collectively think bigger and craft an identity that can grow with the business into the future.

At iGen Creative, we want you to unleash your full potential with your overall brand, so when I get to bring out your inner dreamer, that's when I know we are hitting the sweet spot. It requires a bit of teamwork to bring out your best, but in the end, it always ends with a one-of-a-kind graphic design tailored to suit your needs and business goals.

Those are 3 design fundamentals I believe in when working on any design project. There's nothing more exhilarating than reaching an end result you love. I thoroughly enjoy working together on your vision to create a timeless, original, and most importantly, distinctive graphic design for your business.

A special thanks to Dylan for sharing some of his expertise with us in this week's blog post! If you would like to work with Dylan in your brand development process, you know you can always get in touch here.


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